Staff and Board

Give Us Wings Staff

  • Therese Dosch Anderson – Executive Director
  • Betsy Davies, Program Coordinator
  • Sarah Muzaki – Africa Program Director

Give Us Wings USA Board of Directors

  • Sunday Alabi
  • Beth Bird
  • Ann Eilbracht
  • Janet Johanson
  • Shannon Lacy
  • Pam Rochlin
  • Mary Steiner, Honorary Member
  • David Thompson
  • Amy Winkel

Steering Committee

  • Robert Horn
  • Melissa Hornung
  • Don Husband
  • Jennifer Kinkead
  • Mary Klauda
  • Kim Kokett
  • Jill Krasuski
  • Rachelle Kyle
  • Barbara Mahr
  • Allison McVay-Steer
  • Cassidy Meeks
  • Ruth Pallow
  • Char Pehoski
  • Merrily Pehoski
  • Kristin Peterson

St. John’s Kayoro Health Center II Staff                     

Anthony Munene: Anthony is the SJKHCII Administrator and Cashier. He began his tenure with Give Us Wings as a volunteer in the Give Us Wings Tororo office. He has been with Give Us Wings since July 2012. In his free time, Anthony enjoys drawing and table cloth printing. He is fascinated by baseball and loves to pitch. Human anatomy and biology are also of great interest to him. Anthony comes from a Kenyan family of five with two brothers and his parents, all studying and living in Tororo, Uganda.

Rebecca Mukhooli: Rebecca is a cleaner  and cook at the clinic. She is from the Masaka Town Board from the Manafwa district and currently lives in the Ngiyo Ber Women’s Village. She has been with Give Us Wings since 2012. Rebecca’s favorite part about her job is it has made her able to go do her course in Uganda College at Commerce UCC Tororo due to the salary she is earning. Rebecca is an orphan and supports her family including her mother, sisters, and brothers. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys music, dancing, and playing the drums. She and her husband, John, have four children; Elvis, Edgar, Edna, and Cynthia. 

Rebecca Okieki: Rebecca is a nurse’s assistant. She is from Tororo, Uganda and has been working with Give Us Wings for a year and a half. Rebecca’s favorite part of her job is caring for the sick. She loves working with Give Us Wings because they have provided good working conditions. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys listening to music, dancing, playing the drums, and educative tasks. Rebecca has high hopes that the St. John’s Clinic expands and succeeds in helping and caring for many patients from all across the country. Rebecca has two children Cynthia, eight, and Diuine, five.

Amos: Amos is the Lab Technician at the clinic.

Fred:  Fred is the Groundskeeper and Day Security Guard at the clinic. Fred is a member of the Diochuny Group.


Give Us Wings Uganda Staff

Christine Anyango:  Christine is the Building Businesses for Family Sustainability (BBFS) Coordinator. She was born in the Pajwenda village in the Tororo district of Uganda and now lives in Tororo town with her husband and two children. She graduated from the Ugandan Christian University with a degree in developmental studies.

Give Us Wings is fortunate to have someone on board with the experience that Christine brings. She has worked with Tororo refugees at the Ugandan Red Cross Society and has done research with the International Development Consultants (IDC), Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment through Strategic Public Relations and Research Limited (SPR&R), the World Vision Namanyonyi, and the AIDS Support Organization.

Christine’s role in the BBFS program revolves heavily around her relationship with the Ugandan community groups that will participate in the program. Each group will receive three installments of part grant/part loan financial support, which will be used to fund their business plans. Christine is working as an adviser and mentor to the 153 people participating in the program, while at the same time teaching them basic business techniques in order to encourage and ensure their success. With Christine Anyango’s guidance, mentorship and support for the involved community groups, the BBFS program will become successful and enable financial sustainability within these African communities.


Eunice Tibwaga: Eunice is our administrative assistant. She is from Kenya and has been with Give Us Wings since April 2011. Eunice’s favorite part of her job is that it has changed her entire lifestyle by taking her to places that she would not have reached and teaching her  how to interact with different people . She is thankful that her job has trained her to be faithful and have self-discipline. In her free time, Eunice enjoys playing sports, dancing, listening to music, and doing arts and crafts. Eunice is a single mother to her son, Paul.